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Web Developer in SPACE *San Francisco for the time being

The Bio

Greg is a fearless web warrior, fighting for browser and website progress. While training at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, he published articles with the Opera Web Standards Curriculum. Subsequently, he went on to battle alongside many different web companies, including Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. After spearheading the movement for HTML5 video capabilities at YouTube and attacking data visualizations at Facebook, he changed his colors to fight alongside Boostable where he awaits his next battleground.

The Jobs

Boostable San Francisco, CA June 2015 to now

Fullstack Software Engineer

Facebook Menlo Park, CA January 2013 to May 2015

Web Warrior(Senior Web Developer)

YouTube San Bruno, CA June 2010 to January 2013

Wed Dev

Developer Advocate

Amazon Seattle, WA August 2009 to May 2010

Software Dev Engineer

Google San Bruno, CA Summer 2008

Software Engineer for YouTube Core Product Intern

Yahoo Sunnyvale, CA May 2007 to March 2008

Technical Yahoo for Search Submit and the Yahoo Widgets Intern

Motorola Libertyville, IL Summer 2006

3GSM System Tester Intern


University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, IL Fall 05 - Spring 09

B.S. in Computer Science, minor in Mathematics GPA: 3.5/4.0

Speaking and Publications

Talks for Conferences

Lanyrd Profile
I Want my LOLCat Videos Faster

A talk about Front-end Performance at YouTube.

Given at Reflections | Projections 2010.

HTML5, Flash and the Battle for Faster Cat Videos

HTML5; it's new, it's awesome, and it's powerful, but can it take down the champ of video distribution, Flash. Which technology's got the ability to bring cat video to the next level? This talk covers the many challenges of both HTML5 and YouTube adapting to change video distribution on the web.

Given at Wash U, Carnegie Mellon, WebDU 2011, Velocity 2011, Google Developer Days 2011, jsdays 2012, Fluent 2012, RIT 2013, Codemotion Berlin 2013, Developer week/Web Developer Conference Nuremberg 2013 and as a O'Reilly Media Webcast.

YouTube's iframe Player: The Future of Embedding

YouTube players allow for video playback in web applications. The latest YouTube's embedded iframe player supports both Flash and HTML5 video and exposes a rich API which lets you control the YouTube playback experience. We'll give you details on how the API was developed, and show you how it can power the videos on your own website.

Given at Google I/O 2011.

Mobile Meow: Bringing YouTube Videos to a Mobile World

This is the story of the glory and struggle of bringing a high quality YouTube experience to the mobile web. Once upon a time there was a web developer who wanted to play videos on the web. So he filmed a cat and wrote a Flash and a HTML5 player. He spent many hours making it work on his favorite desktop browsers and even the one his grandfather still used. People could watch his cat video, he smiled, and the world was good. Then one day someone put a browser in a phone and soon there were many phones with many different browsers. This new set of environments were even harder to develop for and had a slew of new terrifying bugs. The web developer was miserable knowing people couldn't watch his cat video. With much time and effort he figured out many of the secrets needed to combat the evils of the different mobile platforms. Once again people could watch his cat video, he smiled, and the world was good. The end.

Given at WebDU 2012, Mobilism 2012, jsdays 2012, Codemotion Rome 2013, and Developer week/Web Developer Conference Nuremberg 2013.

HTML5 at YouTube: Stories from the Front Line

Is HTML5 ready for production code? Of course it is. This is a look into all the different HTML5 technologies we use in live code at YouTube. We'll have a collection of tips, tricks, and best practices for HTML5 video, the track tag, getUserMedia, and more. Plus a deep dive into Mobile Video Tag development.

Given at Google I/O 2012 and University of Illinois Web Conference 2013.


Dynamic style - manipulating CSS with JavaScript, on Opera's Web Standards Curriculum and The Web Education Community Group

Blog Posts

Young Innovators @ Google - Greg Schechter, Google Student Blog

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The Awards


Yahoo Awards

University of Illinois Awards

Eagle Scout: 2004

The Projects

Scheedule Fall 2005 - 2010

Founder and developer of Scheedule is a scheduling website to assist students with the class registration process.

Ocarina 2.0 April 2008

Psychic Searcher March 2008

Slide Rule Widget October 2006


Primary Student Advisor for UIUC's Web Technology Courses 2008

With a professor's assistance created an exploratory course in web technologies to integrate web technology courses into the college's computer science curriculum.

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) 2005-2009

Member of SigSoft; a special interest group for software.

Engineering Learning Assistant Fall 2008

Teacher of an introductory course for the college of engineering at the University of Illinois.

Peer Advisor for the Computer Science Department 2008-2009
Yahoo Ambassador 2007-2008

Organized events for Yahoo, including a student Hack Dinner.

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